Wasting My F’n Time

Ok, I’m sorry that I haven’t quite been forthcoming with another post.  Things have just been a little busy.  But I have another story…  (yes, two stories in one day). Thanks to the Boss’ iPhone’s disappearing act, I went to take advantage of an early … Continue readingWasting My F’n Time

The iPhone Becomes Criss Angel’s New Assistant

So, back to Las Vegas stories for a moment… What happens in Vegas apparently doesn’t stay in Vegas. Yeah, you can blame me for that one. The Boss and I rented a car one day while in Vegas. (Remember, the one in the desert.) Upon … Continue readingThe iPhone Becomes Criss Angel’s New Assistant

Strange Combos

Ok, everyone has seen the strange combo in their day, right? Well, on my way back home the other day from that doctor appointment, The Boss and I took a detour and went to check on her pappaw for a little bit. When we were … Continue readingStrange Combos

Language of the South

I was on my way to another town this morning to see a doctor. A good way to pass the time on the road is always to turn on the satellite radio. I checked Sirius regular Howard Stern, and he had Kathy Griffith on this … Continue readingLanguage of the South

Friday Night Lights

One more story to get out of the way… The Boss and I both teach.  The Boss is a band director.  She’s been in the same job now for four years.  Her boss is an asshole and doesn’t know it.  He’s made her life quite … Continue readingFriday Night Lights

What The…

Ok, so I take a moment to interrupt this regularly scheduled flow of posts telling stories from mine and The Boss’ vacation to Las Vegas for this special message… This is NOT a buffalo.  It is a poodle. Seriously folks, The Boss called me out … Continue readingWhat The…

Starbucks on Every Corner

The saying is that there is a Starbucks on every corner.  Especially in the Starbucks headquarters city of Seattle, you can practically get a cup of coffee for every city block you walk from your parking spot 3 miles away in to work.  Talk about … Continue readingStarbucks on Every Corner

In Which Patrick Jackson Ripped Off Medieval Times

With all due and sincerest apologies to The Badass Geek, I do believe imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery, hence the structure of my title… Vegas. Sin City. I hopped on a jet plane with The Boss Monday to head to the desert … Continue readingIn Which Patrick Jackson Ripped Off Medieval Times