Hoover Dam…It

Everyone told us that if you got to Las Vegas, you’ve got to go see the Hoover Dam.   Hell, why not?   So, I went ahead and rented a car for Wednesday during that week.  The Boss and I figured we would take a … Continue readingHoover Dam…It

One Month of Groceries

I’d have to say this story started at as The Boss’ highlight of our trip to Las Vegas, but it turned in to mine, too.  As I mentioned in Sleeping In A Mall, Las Vegas is obviously a town dedicated to making every tourist part … Continue readingOne Month of Groceries

Sleeping In A Mall

So, how many of you have walked in to a mall?  Shops everywhere.  It’s a shopaholic’s dream!  There are shops everywhere where you can spend sooooo much money on varying items.  I can’t even begin to describe it because it doesn’t appeal to me.  When … Continue readingSleeping In A Mall

Questions For Parents (& Kids)

I am a teacher.  Because of that, I am always trying to think of how to improve a child’s learning when they go through my classroom.  The following questions are ones that I came across in another educator’s blog as hypothetical questions to parents.  I’m … Continue readingQuestions For Parents (& Kids)

Casino Timeshares

Back to our regularly scheduled program…   There was one kindly gentleman who approached The Boss and me as we entered The Luxor.  He seemed so interested in helping us find our way to registration and even get free show tickets.   But wait a … Continue readingCasino Timeshares