A Short Follow-Up…

So, I told you about The Boss’ iPhone.  Sitting in one of my teacher inservices the other day, my phone buzzed.  I checked the phone number later and it was a Vegas number.  No one left a voicemail.  I used the black pages on the number and it came up with no name.  I wonder … Read moreA Short Follow-Up…

Shots Off Lenin’s Head

So, I already told you about the one month of groceries,  It gets worse.   The Boss wanted to go exploring.  Thanks to casinos being owned by the same companies, they’ve built on to make sure that their casinos are accessible to each other without going outside.  Amazing.  Go to Vegas and not ever have … Read moreShots Off Lenin’s Head

Bizarro World

So, I had to go in to town the other day.  I could have sworn I was not around normal humanity.  Some things happened around me that made me wonder if I had been transported to an alternate universe, even if for a moment.   Situation #1: I go in to Wal-Mart.  I was looking … Read moreBizarro World

Homework on Vacation

As you can tell from some previous posts, I’ve been in the process of becoming a certified teacher.  I started the program late last summer after The Boss and I got back from our honeymoon.  So I had to do classes all the way into late this summer.  Yes, that meant I had to take … Read moreHomework on Vacation

The Buffet…Should Be Named “Constant Heartburn”

The Boss and I stayed at The Luxor while in Las Vegas.  We had an “all-inclusive” rate, which included regular passes to The Buffet.  Yes, you saw that correctly.  I wouldn’t be writing on a regular basis if I didn’t know my spelling, grammar and capitalization rules.  The buffet at The Luxor is called “The … Read moreThe Buffet…Should Be Named “Constant Heartburn”

ICP…Insane Crowd of People -or- In Which I Hear An Unexpected Noise

Ok, so while in Vegas, The Boss let me go off to a concert by myself.  Slight lie…she didn’t want to go to this one.  Insane Clown Posse was playing the House Of Blues.  Why in the hell did I want to go?  I listen to some of their music.  However, I’ve seen the videos … Read moreICP…Insane Crowd of People -or- In Which I Hear An Unexpected Noise