Homework on Vacation

As you can tell from some previous posts, I’ve been in the process of becoming a certified teacher.  I started the program late last summer after The Boss and I got back from our honeymoon.  So I had to do classes all the way into late this summer.  Yes, that meant I had to take homework to Vegas.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Right?  I wish that homework would have stayed in Vegas.
So, the night that I went to the ICP concert, I was sitting there working on homework before going.  Before going to Vegas, I had the faulty notion that homework due at midnight at home was due at 2am.  Thankfully I had realized my error before this day.  I was sitting there doing my work and I was lagging behind.
So I had to go pick up my ticket at will-call for the concert and I wasn’t done.  I wasn’t going to be back to my computer for awhile.  What in the heck was I going to do?
The Boss said “just tell the professor you’re in a different time zone and you made a mistake on the time.”
So now I was facing this dilemma.  I knew better.  The Boss just asked me to lie.  Ethical choice here.  I’m on vacation.  Do I go enjoy myself and tell the professor I wasn’t paying attention?  It was a plausible story.  I could back it up.  What if I had one of my students pull that on me?  Then again, why would I have a middle school student that went to Las Vegas DURING the school year?  Then again, with some of the students I’ve seen in just one year, it wouldn’t surprise me.  I could even see some of those kids finding a way to win some money.
I caved and did just what The Boss suggested.  The professor didn’t argue, even though I had turned things in on time the previous days.  Whatever.

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