The Buffet…Should Be Named “Constant Heartburn”

The Boss and I stayed at The Luxor while in Las Vegas.  We had an “all-inclusive” rate, which included regular passes to The Buffet.  Yes, you saw that correctly.  I wouldn’t be writing on a regular basis if I didn’t know my spelling, grammar and capitalization rules.  The buffet at The Luxor is called “The Buffet at The Luxor.”
Whoever the cooks/chefs are at The Buffet had it pretty easy.  The menu stayed the same every single day.  There were very few vegetables available.  It was mainly proteins and starches.  I’m not sure what causes heartburn, but I had it EVERY time after we ate there.  No surprise that I started being more than happy to agree to eat at other restaurants when The Boss would bring it up.  I’m going to start a petition to rename “The Buffet” to “Constant Heartburn.”

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