Bizarro World

So, I had to go in to town the other day.  I could have sworn I was not around normal humanity.  Some things happened around me that made me wonder if I had been transported to an alternate universe, even if for a moment.
Situation #1:
I go in to Wal-Mart.  I was looking for some saline solution for The Boss and me.  So I find what I need.  However, the packaging is a little different from last time I went to go purchase this stuff.  So, I squat down right next to the shelves (since it was on the bottom two shelves) and proceed to try and decide which one I was supposed to be getting.  I find what I was looking for and stand back up and there’s this old lady giving me a dirty look.  It seemed like she thought I was in her way.  It was a horribly dirty look that screamed that I was inconveniencing her.  That’s unlike ladies this age.  They’re usually not in a rush.  They are usually in a pleasant mood.  So what the hell crawled up this lady’s ass and died?
Situation #2:
I’ve left Wal-Mart and there is a line of several cars before I get to go anywhere thanks to some maintenance on the parking lot.  Up by the building, I see a bicycle built for two.  That was a rare sight, but not strange.  The strange sight is that the lady on the back seat of the bicycle was BLINDFOLDED!!!  I understand the back seat doesn’t steer, but still, what is the purpose of being blindfolded?
Situation #3:
Usually when you go to the mall, there is one type of location you find the husbands that came with their wife despite not wanting to be there.  They sit on a bench located somewhere in the mall.  They look absolutely bored out of their minds.  They also maybe guarding their wife’s bags.  The only other option is to take the kids to the play area and watch the kids.  However, I pulled up in the mall parking lot and I saw a man cleaning the windows on the suburban with shop towels.  I left the mall 10 minutes later and he was back in the suburban with the air conditioner going.  I don’t know if the guy is smart or strange.

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