Shots Off Lenin’s Head

So, I already told you about the one month of groceries,  It gets worse.
The Boss wanted to go exploring.  Thanks to casinos being owned by the same companies, they’ve built on to make sure that their casinos are accessible to each other without going outside.  Amazing.  Go to Vegas and not ever have to sweat.
The Boss and I crossed through mall number 369 from The Luxor in to Mandalay Bay.  We passed by all these high dollar shops, and finally got in to Mandalay.  We crossed the betting floor and I told The Boss we should gamble so she could tell one of her coworkers that we actually did.  So I put a dollar in the penny slots.  It was gone in 50 seconds.
We walked on as The Boss was hoping to find the Shark Reef Aquarium.  I find the first sign and show her, but The Boss was fixated on something else.  She pointed to some words in Cyrillic carved above an entrance and asked me what it was.  We eventually find out it was a restaurant called Red Square.  It had the REAL statue of Lenin, missing head and everything, sitting outside the front of the restaurant.  Some maintenance guys were just walking in and noticed we were eyeballing the place.  They invited us to come in.  The restaurant’s decor was done in authentic Russian, including a chandelier that was pulled from a Russian embassy.  However, that wasn’t the jewel of the place.  We were shown inside a walk-in freezer where the head that was missing from the statue of Lenin was encased in plexiglass.  Patrons get to, for a price, enter the “Vodka Vault” and take shots from their own bottle of vodka off of Lenin’s head.
After leaving the restaurant, The Boss and I decided we’d have a late dinner there that night (since it was also the night of the ICP concert).
So, we have dinner, and it’s cheaper than our steak house a couple of nights prior.  However, we decide to have the full vodka vault experience.  The cheapest bottle was $200.  Then there was tax and a MANDATORY 18% gratuity.  Ugh!  Our dinner had just become worth TWO months of groceries.  We both decide on a not so smooth honey vodka.  It was priced at $200, so it was more for it being cheaper.  We get to put our faux fur coats on, and then go in the vault to drink our vodka in classic “neat” style.  I get down 3 shots.  The Boss downs 1.5 shots.  She said she wanted to make sure and make it back to The Luxor and to our room.  HAH!!!  We get back to the room and she starts taking a few swigs out of the bottle.  At least she was ok for the flight home the next day.

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