DISH Sucks Today

I just saw that DISH is dropping Fox’s cable programming.  NOT COOL!!!  I love watching Sons Of Anarchy.  Am I going to have to pay on iTunes to watch this show now?  Let me be.  Let me have my show.  Don’t make me ask The … Continue readingDISH Sucks Today

My Little Minions

So, my little apprentice minions did their thing this morning.  They are due in here in just a few minutes to shoot the “board room” portion of this task.  Let’s see how things go.   Once all was said and done, it really went ok. … Continue readingMy Little Minions

In Which I Try To Place A Value On My Services

What are the value of one’s services they provide every day?  I often find myself questioning this on days like today.  Days when The Boss asks me if I should stay home and get more rest.  My body screams “YES!!!!!!”  Everything else in me says … Continue readingIn Which I Try To Place A Value On My Services

Highs & Lows

Ugh.  Sometimes I hate my job.  I’m a teacher of business to 8th graders in a town where you’re lucky if you get 1-2% of the kids understanding what you are saying.  This is a difficult subject to teach for this town and for this age … Continue readingHighs & Lows

The Proverbial Nail In The Coffin

So, we head in to town earlier this week to have dinner.  On the way back, The Boss ends up on a phone call.  So I’m sitting here in silence, driving, driving, driving…the same scenery…or lack thereof.  I’m just not feeling it anymore at this … Continue readingThe Proverbial Nail In The Coffin

Accepting of a Move

My parents showed up last weekend for a quick visit.  We mentioned the whole New Zealand thing to them.  They’re comment?  ”Just don’t you start a family while you’re there.”   The Boss found that oddly inviting for the idea of leaving the country.

The Boss & a Career Change

From the time The Boss and I started dating, she’s always been apathetic about being a band director.  She has always told me she wants to walk away from it.  I kept on saying that I wouldn’t let her.  The benefits were outweighing the drawbacks. … Continue readingThe Boss & a Career Change

So…I want to leave the country

Yes, I said it.  I want to leave the country.  I am disillusioned in my home country.  I live in the United States, but I don’t like it.   “But dude, where have you lived?”   I’ve lived in Texas and Georgia.  However, I’ve been … Continue readingSo…I want to leave the country