The Boss & a Career Change

From the time The Boss and I started dating, she’s always been apathetic about being a band director.  She has always told me she wants to walk away from it.  I kept on saying that I wouldn’t let her.  The benefits were outweighing the drawbacks.  I just thought she was being over-dramatic.  I was trying to keep her balanced.
Over the summer, she started seriously looking at some new options though.  She actually started looking at something that is near and dear to her.  It’s a program at a school near here for an Orientation & Mobility certification.  The Boss has a friend from college (I’ll call her Jenay) that is blind.  They first met when The Boss actually spent time working with her I believe to help with the logistical part of her school work.  They’ve been best friends ever since.
I asked The Boss what all schools had the program.  She found a list that indicated there were only 46 schools in the WORLD with the program.  She read down the list and came across a school in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  In a joking manner, I told her we should go there so she could do the program there.
It started out as joking around…

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