Highs & Lows

Ugh.  Sometimes I hate my job.  I’m a teacher of business to 8th graders in a town where you’re lucky if you get 1-2% of the kids understanding what you are saying.  This is a difficult subject to teach for this town and for this age group.  Why did I start doing it?  Because this is where The Boss was and this was the first job offer to either of us leading in to the wedding.

Before another teacher looks at this post and tells me I shouldn’t be teaching, whoa.  I enjoy teaching.  I actually like it better this year than last.  I’d much rather chase down late papers than babysit.  I almost had a nervous breakdown last year thanks to the kids.

This year is much different.  I actually have a class that is getting a chance to create their own TV show.  Pretty cool.  They are making their own version of The Apprentice.  I get to play the role of The Donald.

“You’re fired.”

“YOU are fired.”

“You’re FIRED!!!”

However, I will not wear a Trump wig.

I’ve never liked Trump much as a human being, but as a businessman, no one can beat him.  I even use some material from Trump’s writings as part of my class.

I actually look forward to the boardrooms after these tasks the kids are going to do.  The first one has to do with the school newspaper (which I happen to be advisor for).  The newspaper staff members haven’t really sold any subscriptions to the newspaper yet.  So I’m setting my little apprentice minions to do a marketing and sales blitz before school Thursday.  Sucks that I have to wake-up and actually get out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn for it, but so do the kids (torture by early morning school assignment).

I’m missing half the students in that particular class today thanks to the football schedule.  So, I delayed their work on the task by a day.  Shouldn’t be a problem based off what I heard in their discussions yesterday.

Some kid in the class period before my apprentice minions said today “I hear 6th period is your fun class.”  Did I answer that?  No.  But is it true?  Most definitely.

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