Do The British Suffer From Desert Envy?

Yeah, I’m not a doofus.  I understand that a lot of people are coming to the U.S. for vacation because the dollar value is so inflated compared to other world currencies.  The euro, the pound, the kiwi…they all can be strectched further in the U.S. … Continue readingDo The British Suffer From Desert Envy?

IHOP…By Any Other Name, It’s Still The Same Experience

Our last morning in Las Vegas, The Boss and I both had troubles sleeping.  Frankly, we’re talking about a two hour time difference from home, and our bodies would eventually revert back to when they are used to waking up.  So since we were up … Continue readingIHOP…By Any Other Name, It’s Still The Same Experience

News Items

So, I left work today and two things on the radio caught my attention.   I listen to Bubba The Love Sponge on Sirius in the afternoons.  They get to a section of the show where they talk about the news.  The first thing that … Continue readingNews Items

My homeless sign would say…

My homeless sign would say “Rescue Me From The Chaos!”  ”Save me from from the madness.”   Why?   I walked in to the gym this morning to watch students before school.  There was no one on the opposite side of the gym watching the … Continue readingMy homeless sign would say…

Hurricane-Force Winds…and other fun things to do with your own rent car

So…back in the time machine, back to Vegas (the one in Nevada, not the on in New Mexico)…   During the middle of the week The Boss and I spent there, we decided to go out to the Hoover Dam.  I already told you about … Continue readingHurricane-Force Winds…and other fun things to do with your own rent car


Midterms.  I understand the stress.  In a traditional college class there are two major tests.  The midterm…and the final.  These are the only two exams that are guaranteed to be comprehensive all semester.   That’s an ugly word.  Comprehensive.  A college class with comprehensive exams … Continue readingMidterms

The Boss’ Fear of Hair

The Boss has an utter fear of hair.  She has a big problem with hair.  What hair?  Every hair.  Unless it is attached to either of our bodies, she hates it.  She even wore sandals in the community-share showers in college.  It is all due … Continue readingThe Boss’ Fear of Hair

Explosive Residue – The Prequel

So, in my post yesterday, I told you about being stopped because there were supposidly traces of explosive residue on my hands as I entered the airport to head to Las Vegas with The Boss.   However, it’s not the first time this has happened … Continue readingExplosive Residue – The Prequel

Football Game Observations – Homecoming

Once again, I share with you my observations and insights from last night’s football game.  This time, it was homecoming for this town.  Here’s how things went down (in my mind at least).   #1 It’s homecoming. The opposing team colors are orange and white. The … Continue readingFootball Game Observations – Homecoming

Explosive Residue

I figure it’s time for another Las Vegas story from this summer…   You’ve got to understand that our nearest airport The Boss and I fly out of is small.  It barely can attain and keep the status of being an international airport.  Except for … Continue readingExplosive Residue