Football Game Observations

During last night’s football game, I was taking note of different things.  I decided to start posting these to my Tumblr account.  Now I will combine them all in to one post, with a few additional bits.
#1 When I hear the “Hey Song” it brings back memories of when I was in high school. I always remember the bass trombone player wailing away. That thought makes me happy.
Another fond memory of being in band while in high school, we were playing a playoff game against Odessa Permian.  We get down to the home side of Ratliff Stadium to prepare to play during halftime, and it starts hailing.  It wasn’t bad, just bad enough that our director told us to go back to the stands.  None of us were running.  However, we get a quarter of the way around the track and it stops.  The director asks everyone if they want to do the show.  Of course we say yes.  So he tells us to head to our starting spots.  This means we ran off the track, down the 3 foot cement culvert, to the field, and out across the field.  I’ve always wondered what that looked like from the stands.  According to what I’ve been told, that culvert is gone and the track and field are now on the same level.
#2 One cheerleader has some scary big biceps. Her shoulders especially remind me if those pictures of Muhammad Ali in the ring during the middle of a boxing match.
#3 All the coaches have bellies. All if them are wearing white shirts. The trainer (also with a big belly) is wearing a white shirt and white pants. Isn’t this a fashion faux pas to be overweight and wearing white without anything (like a tie or coat) to break it up?
#4 Would it be considered a bad thing that the cheerleaders have someone who can throw a better spiral than the team’s quarterback?
#5 You know it’s a boring football game whenever you find more enjoyment in watching the cheerleaders play “hide the tail from the mascot” than actually watching the game itself.
#6 I found all the coaches that don’t have big bellies. They’re up in the press box.
#7 The visiting team lacked any fire. That is, until the end of the first half. The receiver caught a tough ball in the corner of the endzone. After a penalty, the quarterback put it in the endzone again. The receiver, with three defenders around him, still pulled it in. They haven’t carried that momentum to after halftime. This game is boring again.

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