School Boring?

I just got to reading today a post by a principal elsewhere in the country.  It was meant as a prompt for a class he conducts on Web 2.0 tools to have students respond to.  It posed the question after an encounter he had with … Continue readingSchool Boring?

Grammar & Wrestling

As an educator, I think it bugs me even more when someone uses bad grammar than before.  This includes all the time I spent as a journalist.  Why?  It’s because I’m around students all day that make abhorrid combinations of words that make me cringe. … Continue readingGrammar & Wrestling

Obamacare…is not my story

Obamacare…   We’re in for another two years of the debate.  The Republicans now control the House of Representatives.  The incoming Speaker has already declared that war.  Damnit.  I used to like politics.  Now I hate it.  It’s all because of shit like this.   … Continue readingObamacare…is not my story