New Stuff

Everyone loves new stuff, right?  Well, I got good news about new stuff this past week at school.   I teach in a computer lab.  The computers in there are horribly old (for computers, that is).  Capacitors going out on the motherboard, processors burning up … Continue readingNew Stuff

Prop Jobs

Prop jobs.  A nickname and possibly term of endearment for some referring to a commercial airplane that uses propellers instead of jet engines.  That’s what The Boss and I boarded yesterday as we headed to one of our favorite getwaway spots.  This is the first … Continue readingProp Jobs

Surviving Entitlement

Watching Survivor tonight made me incensed.  Naonka has such a selfish sense of entitlement that it makes me sick.  What sucks is that she’s not an isolated incident.  This is something that I’m seeing quite often.  Since when does the world owe you something?  The … Continue readingSurviving Entitlement