Hackers, Rugby, and a Sense of Style

So, I’m going through the steps of setting up my WordPress app on my new iPad, when what do I find? There’s no WordPress site at masterthinker.us?

I just know that’s wrong. It has to be wrong. There was a site there just yesterday. So I turn to my trusty laptop and pull up my blog…and nothing is there. Immediately, I’m in a frenzy and changing passwords on my other blogs. I’m thinking someone has hacked me. Then I go and get in to my hosting, and I find that my database is still there.

Thank you Masters Degree and Arizona State. Current class? Concerning SQL. I rescue the pertinent sections of my database since this blog holds most of my blogging writings. Then I remove everything and set it back up again. After that, I am able to take my rescued data tables and restore them to the new database.

Was I hacked? I don’t know. It’s possible that I wasn’t and that the error was with my web host. Did I overreact? No. I don’t think so.

As I’m doing this, I’m trying to catch up on my recorded games from the Super Rugby competition. Tonight’s thrilling match that I’m watching? Last week’s match between the Rebels from Melbourne, Australia and the Chiefs from Hamilton, New Zealand. I’ll be honest, if I ever get backed up and behind on my matches, I sometimes delete South African games, but if it is two Australian sides, I tend to delete it all the time. New Zealand? No. Kiwi rugby has always been exciting. South African rugby at times is tedious. Australian rugby has been particularly boring. However, the Rebels and the Reds have been making me think twice about that assumption. One thing is for sure, these games provide a lot more excitement than the NFL ever does.

One thing I have noticed from the Australian teams is that the style from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s in the US seems to be all the rage down under. The captain of the Rebels has curly enough hair I wonder if he has a perm. He is also sporting what is now called a “porn mustache”, because you typically only see these things (in the US) on creepy guys that look like they belong in a porn movie from the 1970s. Then you have their flyhalf who is sporting a high-top like Kid & Play with blonde highlights that Zack Morris would be proud of!

I’m trying to make an effort to post more on here so I can give you guys something to read. Give me some feedback as to what you might want me to discuss!

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