What’s It Like To Be An Aspie?

I found this online the other day, and I just keep returning to it. I can’t tell who created it, just that it was done in 2012. But this feels like every day. I hide it so well most times, but that doesn’t always work. … Continue readingWhat’s It Like To Be An Aspie?

Prolific (Non-)Writer

I have the ability in me to be a prolific writer. I can write about so many things until I am blue in the face. In fact, I’ve already written five articles in the last two days while taking care of a three year old … Continue readingProlific (Non-)Writer


So the hashtag #RIPJournalism has been trending on the interwebs in the past few days. There are two sides to this story. Side 1: This hashtag should have been trending years ago before Facebook and Twitter were even a thing. This hashtag should have been … Continue reading#RIPJournalism

A Way To Hang Around

Dear Mr. President: For more than two years, there has been a rumbling about you staying in office past the end of your term in 2017. Legally, it is an impossibility. No natural born American qualified to be president can serve more than two terms … Continue readingA Way To Hang Around

Columbus Day

Dear Haters: Welcome to the world of the post industrial revolution. Here, everything must be politically correct. We can’t say or do anything to insult anyone. Safe zones must be available for all, and we must avoid trigger words at all cost. Well, hold on … Continue readingColumbus Day