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Following up “Managing Manic“…

I’m thankful for digital health records these days. When I got my chart for my last visit to the doctor, I was obviously pissed. The visit before, I had told him I was autistic. He guffawed slightly and said at most he thought I had ADHD. So then after daring to say the word manic a few weeks ago, I’ve apparently wasted any chance with this doctor. Bad part about this doctor is I know him. My family knows him. We attend the same church. So my easy way of dealing with issues with a doctor is not available. I must put in some hard work.

Here’s what happened. My doctor basically started attributing everything I was saying to “that’s the mania talking”. I would say something, but stop mid-sentence. Then something else, but stop mid-sentence. My chart said the doctor thought I was having a manic episode in his office right in front of him. The reality of what was happening is that I would start to say something because I was so frustrated, in an attempt to try and explain what he attributed to mania, and he said that was just the mania talking. So after the first time, I would run the conversation in my head as I was saying something else. So I ended up stopping mid-sentence because the conversation in my head got done running, and I could see him saying that was the mania talking.

  1. I love this guy. But it is apparent as a doctor, he has never dealt with an autistic adult before.
  2. This guy has stopped being reasonable with me. I have NEVER had a problem with accepting something a doctor has said. But when they stop being reasonable and stop treating the patient, and start treating the symptoms, I absolutely hate that. It is my health. I should be heard when it comes to my health. I may not be an expert in the medical field, but I sure am an expert in myself.

So, I get to compose a letter to this doctor. While I want to rip him a new one, I will be professional. But I will NOT be pushed around by anyone. That is my right as a person.

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