The Truth About VPN Traffic

I hear commercials about public-accessible virtual private networks (VPN) these days. “Don’t let your Internet provider know what websites you visit.” I hate to be the one to break it to you, but no matter how you access the Internet, someone will always know what … Continue readingThe Truth About VPN Traffic

Snow Day (a poem)

Music to the ears of children Dread and terror in the minds of adults A day full of laughter and fun A day where the kids bring to the surface all our faults A day free from school A day free from work Maybe the … Continue readingSnow Day (a poem)

The Silence Is Deafening

For a human being, the sound of silence is golden. It is a peaceful retreat that one does not get to experience often. Silence is a life goal. For me, silence is a harsh prison sentence. The sound of silence is deafening to me. We’re … Continue readingThe Silence Is Deafening

Something’s Gotta Give

To be upfront, I support why today’s National Walkout Day is happening. The violence levels in our country are staggering compared to when I was growing up. It seems no one for sure knows why. Let me hit some points on this: It is pretty … Continue readingSomething’s Gotta Give