AAM – Day 14 (Routine)

What a post to be catching up on from the weekend…


Everyone has routines. Everyone’s routines get disturbed.

To an autistic person, there is more stress in the unknown than for others, so a routine is comforting.

Every autistic person’s routine is unique and special for them.

Some people’s entire world unravels if their routine is interrupted.

I’m a weird one. I can take my routine being interrupted, or not even happening. However, then I fail to initiate the routine again at the next time. Then it festers that I haven’t done a certain routine. That eventually causes me so much stress I either get back in the routine, or I get sick from the stress.

Frankly, where breakfast is your most important meal of the day, routine is my most important action(s) of the day. Things just don’t work right if it doesn’t happen.

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