Starbucks on Every Corner

The saying is that there is a Starbucks on every corner.  Especially in the Starbucks headquarters city of Seattle, you can practically get a cup of coffee for every city block you walk from your parking spot 3 miles away in to work.  Talk about a caffeine overload.  I guess they can run down to the Starbucks on the corner at 10am to avoid the inevitable crash.

In the town where I spent my teenage years growing up, they have put in a second Target.  Inside, there is a Starbucks.  Less than a half-mile away where the shopping center parking lot exits out onto the street, there is another Starbucks.  The Boss has commented on this one many times.  It’s baffling how any town outside of Seattle can support such a steep concentration of Starbucks.

Las Vegas has them beat.

Our airport shuttle dropped us off at The Luxor the day we arrived, and while on our way to the registration desk, we pass by a Starbucks.  Nothing out of the ordinary, yet.

The check in clerk tells us how to get to our elevator, and we get told “go past the second Starbucks.”   Whaaaat?!?  That caused a double-take.  I don’t know if anyone noticed it.  They may not have.  But I was noticeably surprised.  This started my head spinning.  Can the slot players not go 20 minutes without coffee?  Would the casino floor waitresses deliver coffee to them?  Probably not.  I think they only deliver the alcohol.

So, there is one Starbucks on each corner of the north side.  There is another on the atrium level at the south side.

To be fair, The Luxor does take up the full space of a city block (probably two or three blocks in any other city).

I can only imagine in Starbucks evil empire headquarters in Seattle that Dr. Evil is looking at a saturation map and wondering why Las Vegas isn’t a darker color of green.

Happy Jitters to all you coffee drinkers!!!

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