Friday Night Lights

One more story to get out of the way…

The Boss and I both teach.  The Boss is a band director.  She’s been in the same job now for four years.  Her boss is an asshole and doesn’t know it.  He’s made her life quite miserable this past year.  (This guy came in new this past year.  She liked the guy before him.)

So, The Boss has been applying for new jobs.  One place she has applied is at her alma mater.  The most identifying characteristic about this school that sets it apart is that all the power the football program normally has, in this school the band has that power.  The band gets the million dollar plus budget.  The band gets first consideration among extra-curricular activities.  Students care less about PE or athletics, because they get their phys. ed. credit from marching band.  And the parents sit around discussing not the football team, but the band.

One day after The Boss first made her interest official in an open position at this school, I was sitting around thinking about a recent visit back to this town where we were invited in to the house of friends.  They were having a little quasi-dinner party thing.  These parents no longer had students in school, but they still had connection to the band.  In my mind, I had a split screen daydream with this party, and the scene from “Friday Night Lights” where all the boosters were gathered to have dinner and talk about football…with the coach of course.  Even though The Boss would only be an assistant in this program if she was offered a job, I could imagine us being invited back…regularly…and they would want to talk about band.  What is the band doing?  What will be the marching program this year?  Will this group be successful?  How’s the upcoming junior high kids?  Will they be able to contribute?  Could you talk the head band director in to changing next year’s marching show to this?

If you were ever in band, you might understand.  If you don’t understand, go back and watch that scene in the movie.

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