What The…

Ok, so I take a moment to interrupt this regularly scheduled flow of posts telling stories from mine and The Boss’ vacation to Las Vegas for this special message…

This is NOT a buffalo.  It is a poodle.

Seriously folks, The Boss called me out of my office this evening because she said she had something she wanted to show me.  I walk in to the living room and she has a show she recorded from Animal Planet.  I forget the exact title, but it was called something like “Extreme Poodles.”  Only these gems can come from Animal Planet, but even this made me cringe.

This show was full of ladies who do creative grooming on their poodles as a sport.  Currently, I believe all these ladies are unmarried.  One lady even commented on the show that she has no children.  Thank God, or the child would have gotten a haircut made to look like a lion, or a camel, or like a serpent had wrapped around its body.  This is freaky enough happening on poodles.

The winner?  A lady who made the front half of her poodle look like a lion (albeit pretty accurate…for being a dog) and the back half looked like a zebra’s haunches on one side, and the head of a giraffe on the other side.

Who wants to take a shot at why The Boss showed me this lame excuse for entertainment?

That’s right.  She wanted to see my reaction.

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