Language of the South

I was on my way to another town this morning to see a doctor. A good way to pass the time on the road is always to turn on the satellite radio. I checked Sirius regular Howard Stern, and he had Kathy Griffith on this morning. Nothing really noteworthy except for one thing…she mentioned a supposed feud she is having with Rene Zelwegger. Apparently she called Zelwegger a “sweaty, puffy, come whore” during one of her acts. Griffith noted that there has been no “obvious” heat between the two. She did mention that Zelwegger had even sent her some flowers that included a card that said “Best Wishes.” She went on to say “that’s Southern for fuck you.”

That got me to thinking…what other things do peoe say that translates to something a little less gentlemanly and a little more crass?

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