Strange Combos

Ok, everyone has seen the strange combo in their day, right? Well, on my way back home the other day from that doctor appointment, The Boss and I took a detour and went to check on her pappaw for a little bit. When we were done, we went to grab dinner on the way out of town. What did I see while driving towards the highway?

Chubby’s BBQ and Mexican Food.

I did a double take. Seriously. Mexican food and barbque? So yeah, you grill fajitas. But do you put the enchilada’s on the grill. Do you slather the rice in barbque sauce? Maybe they borrowed from Japanese tradition and cook your Mexican food in front of you habachi style at the barbque grill?

Kinda reminds me of Abdullah’s House of Ribs and Chinese Food in Atlanta. I’ve never been there, but any good, long time wrestling fan knows it is there. It’s the stuff of lore. It’s “The Brown Derby” for people who like wrestling.

Anyone else seen odd combos like this?

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