The iPhone Becomes Criss Angel’s New Assistant

So, back to Las Vegas stories for a moment… What happens in Vegas apparently doesn’t stay in Vegas. Yeah, you can blame me for that one.

The Boss and I rented a car one day while in Vegas. (Remember, the one in the desert.) Upon returning our rented car that same day at the Hertz counter at the Wynn Hotel & Casino, we found that the rep at the counter was gone for lunch (at 1:45 pm). Fine, write down the mileage, day, time, gas level…drop in the drop box with the key…but wait, what time is it?

The Boss had her iPhone in hand and checked it to tell me the time. Little did we know, Criss Angel was hiring iPhones to help do public relations work for his show where we were staying at The Luxor. “Why?” you may ask…

We got back to The Luxor and The Boss couldn’t find her iPhone. I tried to call the phone so the taxi driver could notice it and answer the phone. No luck. The Boss called the Ferrari store across from the Wynn Hertz counter. The Ferrari store attendant couldn’t find the phone. We took a taxi back to the Wynn. Once there, I called the phone thinking we would hear it ringing in the trash can by the elevator. No luck. The Hertz rep was back by then, and hadn’t seen it. We called Wynn lost and found. No luck. We called the taxi company lost and found. Never heard anything back.

Criss Angel’s new assistant, The Boss’ iPhone, had earned its money. We went and saw the show that evening.

Oh, and whomever now has a new iPhone, I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. I hope the new phone is a comfort to you at night when you have no one to keep you warm in bed. Our worst thoughts are always with you.

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