Wasting My F’n Time

Ok, I’m sorry that I haven’t quite been forthcoming with another post.  Things have just been a little busy.  But I have another story…  (yes, two stories in one day).

Thanks to the Boss’ iPhone’s disappearing act, I went to take advantage of an early morning line at an AT&T store to get the new iPhone 4.  I had called all over the place.  Best Buy said they’d only be servicing pre-orders.  The AT&T corporate store said the same thing, although they did say they’d be opening early this next week on Tuesday to sale the iPhone4 in retail.  But one of the independent retailers (not including Wal-Mart locations) would have the new iPhone 4 for sale.

I was going to get an iPhone 4, and give the Boss my iPhone 3GS.

So, I set my alarm for 4:45.  I get up by 4:55.  I leave town for the big city where AT&T actually has stores by 5:15.  I get there just before 6.  I stand in line, despite rain.  I’m fifth at this point.  We are allowed inside by 7:40.  Then, the bombshell.

7:50.  They get to me to get my account information.  I get told I have to have the primary account holder present (The Boss).  I get told I have to have an early upgrade available (which we don’t since we upgraded to iPhones in the first place earlier this year).  The verdict?  I’m shit outta luck.  They can’t do anything for me.

For the record, I am not disappointed in walking away without the phone.  I’m frustrated by how it went down.  I spend time getting up way early.  I stand in line for forever.  Then I get told at last minute that it won’t happen.  I leave the line and, suprisingly enough to me, very calmly give this guy a piece of my mind.

“You could have told us before now.  I’m not the only one in this boat.  Thanks for wasting my entire morning.”

What I wanted to say was “You asshole!  I ought to kick your ass for loosing sleep for nothing.  Go to hell!”

As I walked away, the guy actually made a public announcement where everyone could hear.  Shouldn’t he have done that sooner?  Yes.

I took a page from the Boss’ book to make up for my frustration.  I engaged in some retail therapy.  I went and bought a netbook with a real hard drive instead of a solid state hard drive.  But the story didn’t end there.  I bought a display model of an Acer.  I got it home, and it was Acer paperwork with an HP netbook sans battery.  Drove back to the big city with it later to take care of that issue.  This one actually worked out in my favor as the woman who had rang me up earlier that day was still at work.  She looked everything over and agreed I needed to do an exchange.  Problem solved.  At least by the end of the day I had some reason to be satisfied.  Damn you Apple, AT&T, and the inconsiderate independent retailer employee.

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