Casino Timeshares

Back to our regularly scheduled program…
There was one kindly gentleman who approached The Boss and me as we entered The Luxor.  He seemed so interested in helping us find our way to registration and even get free show tickets.
But wait a minute… What’s that saying again?  Nothing in life is free?
I will give all credit to The Boss right here.  She had a nice little conversation with her brother a couple of weeks before we went to Vegas about what to expect.  He filled her in.  So she was on guard.
Worker: “Would you like some free show tickets?”
Me: “What shows?”
They show us some of the shows.  The most interesting ones?  We already bought tickets to them.  There was one more show I was interested in.  They also said that instead of free show tickets, you can have $100 in casino credit.  That sounded really good to me.  I was hooked.
Worker: “All we need is $40 from you and your wife.  You’ll go see this new casino we’re building, and you’ll get your money back plus he credit.”
‘Cool,’ I thought.
The Boss: “Nope, sorry.  Not interested.”
She starts to walk off.
The Boss explains later that her brother told her all about it.  They take you to this new casino, let you tour around, then they get you in a room and start to throw you the timeshare presentation.  You all know it.  The one where they won’t let you out of the room until you’ve invested in their new property, or until you die.

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