Hoover Dam…It

Everyone told us that if you got to Las Vegas, you’ve got to go see the Hoover Dam.
Hell, why not?
So, I went ahead and rented a car for Wednesday during that week.  The Boss and I figured we would take a cab over the the hotel we rented a car from.  We walked out the front of our hotel to grab a cab.  There was a line right there of cabs just waiting, so we walked right up to the first one.  When The Boss opened up the back door, it scared the taxi driver.  Apparently we unknowingly bypassed a taxi stand.  The taxi stand attendant wasn’t too happy.  No matter though.  The taxi took us to the other end of the strip and to the Wynn.
After we took care of all the rental stuff for the car, we went out to the garage and found it.  The car had a push button start.  “Cool,” I thought.  I push the button, and it says On, but nothing happens.  Push the button.  Off.  Push the button.  On.  Nothing happens.  Push the button.  Off.  I do this 20 something odd times.  Then I remember something.  It’s a hybrid car.  So I hit the button and turn it back on.  Then I put the car in reverse.  EUREKA!!!  It works.
Onwards to the Interstate.  Once you get away from the Strip, Las Vegas looks like suburban Phoenix.  You can’t really tell one part of the desert from another.
So, the drive is nothing short of ordinary 4 lanes.  It then narrows down to two.  Then traffic backs up like Los Angeles on a day where everyone actually went to work and didn’t call in sick.
Over the last 3 miles, it probably took 45-50 minutes.  Traffic was nearly at a standstill.  All for a security checkpoint.  Was this TSA, or some covert arm of Homeland Security?  Traffic flow was pretty bad around the dam anyway.
Ok, so fast forward and we finally get down to the dam.  As we approach the dam, The Boss is on the phone and I am looking for parking.  We pass one parking lot, $5.  We pass another lot, $7.  We pass another lot.  $10.  What the hell???  Finally, I find a lot that doesn’t charge for parking and has an open parking spot.  We’re also in Arizona, halfway up the other side of the canyon, and an hour ahead of where we were.  All that work and we LOSE time?  Something’s not right about this.  I’m a tourist coming to see the Hoover Dam…it.  Treat me like royalty.  Let me walk through the long stretches of concrete and get heat exhaustion just because I paid good money to rent a car and drive out here.
Honestly, I didn’t want to go walking down to the dam.  Here’s the good thing.  Neither did The Boss.  Thank you History Channel for showing America, The Story of Us.  That satisfied both of our curiosities about the dam.  So, we took a few pictures of the dam and Lake Mead.  Then we got back in the car and headed back in to Vegas.
Oh, before I forget, there was one fairly brand-new monstrosity to tell you about.  There’s a humongous suspension bridge being built high above the expansions of the canyon.  It’s not done yet, but it is a lot of concrete.  It could possibly be more concrete than Hoover Dam.  I don’t know if it is a plan to relieve traffic flow with a new 4-lane highway bypass or if it, or if it is a ploy by some covert unit of Homeland Security to get us away from Megatron‘s burial place.  Either way, it a huge undertaking, and it still isn’t finished.
That’s it for my 3-blog day.  Sleep easy.  I hope the Decepticons don’t take over the world while you sleep!!

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