One Month of Groceries

I’d have to say this story started at as The Boss’ highlight of our trip to Las Vegas, but it turned in to mine, too.  As I mentioned in Sleeping In A Mall, Las Vegas is obviously a town dedicated to making every tourist part with their money.  That includes the food.  Granted, I could see an In-N-Out Burger from our hotel room just across the interstate, we obviously weren’t going to cross on foot just for a cheap burger.  We also weren’t going to eat the same food day in and day out at the buffet.  So The Boss and I crossed the casino floor from our inclinator over to “Tender.”  I must say, that’s pretty simple yet genius marketing for a steak house.
I’m telling you though, this isn’t your average steak house.  Tender was a lounge combined with a country club combined with the furnishings of the third living room of a rich person’s 52-room mansion.  Oh, and add on top recipes that an average person would only find if they watched the weekly battles in Kitchen Stadium on Iron Chef America.
The Boss got a big hit out of the lobster bisque.  So much so, she was unable to finish her filet and sides.  I, on the other hand, went Kobe beef all the way.  I had Kobe chili.  Then I had a Kobe burger.  The Kobe burger was a bit dry, but it was still yummy.  For dessert, I had kannels of chocolate in select juices.  They were paired really well.
We get the bill…**crickets chirp**
The bill was worth one month of groceries.  By a conservative estimate.  We figured that was fine.  The buffet was included in our rate.  We ate the buffet for the rest of the time…
Didn’t anticipate this before it happened, but we ate one other place…and it was two months worth of groceries.  More on that in a later story.

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