Sleeping In A Mall

So, how many of you have walked in to a mall?  Shops everywhere.  It’s a shopaholic’s dream!  There are shops everywhere where you can spend sooooo much money on varying items.  I can’t even begin to describe it because it doesn’t appeal to me.  When I go shopping, I know exactly what I want before I go.  Take that back…unless it’s electronics, I know exactly what I want before I go.  That’s why The Boss will never allow me to go in to a Fry’s.
Those of you that like to watch MTV shows may remember Viva La Bam.  There was one episode where Bam had a skate demo in the Mall of America. Bam and the entire crew stayed in the mall OVERNIGHT.  Gotta love sleeping in a bed store.
When The Boss and I went to Las Vegas, it never failed, no matter how many casinos we walked in to, The Boss would say “It looks like a mall.”  When we went in to The Luxor, she even exclaimed “We’re sleeping in a mall!”  I must say that I can’t disagree.  There are shops everywhere.  The town is truly designed to make you part with your money one way or another.  If you haven’t been to Vegas, you have no idea.  If you HAVE been to Vegas, well then your pocketbook must be a few pounds lighter after that trip.  If you’re like one guy that The Boss works with and go to Vegas several times a year, then I commend you for staying on the casino floor the whole time.  That is the only place you can possibly hope to get your money back.

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