ICP…Insane Crowd of People -or- In Which I Hear An Unexpected Noise

Ok, so while in Vegas, The Boss let me go off to a concert by myself.  Slight lie…she didn’t want to go to this one.  Insane Clown Posse was playing the House Of Blues.  Why in the hell did I want to go?  I listen to some of their music.  However, I’ve seen the videos of their shows.  But, since I had the chance, I thought I’d go so I could tell Big Pun (best friend, best man at my wedding) I actually went.
I walked through the mall between Luxor and Mandalay Bay and ended up at a crowd of middle-to-lower class white kids.  Some had already been drinking.  Others were smoking.  Honestly, I wasn’t scared of these people.  They were just oddities to me.  They were, well, insane.
The most insane in my mind is the woman that had her 5-year-old son with her.  Why in the hell do you bring a 5-year-old with you?  Playing the music, ok.  But is getting sprayed with Faygo now an acceptable substitute for watching gay Teletubbies or listening to an annoying purple dinosaur that loves everyone?  People want to shoot that dinosaur, but being so indoctrinated to something like ICP at that early of an age could make this kid want to shoot himself eventually.  Please let the kid be aware of things before you expose them to it.
Sidebar: ICP added one more opening act.  That means I had to miss ICP themselves whenever I went to leave for a dinner-date with The Boss.
So ICP’s opening acts were rap acts.  I don’t know for sure, but the rap acts were probably on Psychopathic records.  Their rap was mostly horrocore.  It was definitely heavier than ICP themselves.  However, one act was a chick band.  They were relatively hot for a band.  They started playing their first song and the sound didn’t match what I saw.  It was a screamer band.  Don’t get me wrong.  They were good.  But they were a screamer band.
The last opening act was a throwback.  Coolio!!!
He came to popularity due to his contribution to the movie “Dangerous Minds.”  Gangsta’s Paradise is still popular to this day.  Heck, it’s even on my playlist.  However, here’s the catch…those trademark dreadlocks only exist in two small patches on either side of his head.  Coolio has gone BALD!!!  He’s also using his nephew, son, and cousin as his band (or whatever the heck you call it.
Mark E. Clark played some good mixes between acts.  Just too bad they added the extra opening act to where I had to miss ICP.  Had The Boss not lost her iPhone the day before, I could have sent her a text to let her know and all would have been good.

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