So…I want to leave the country

Yes, I said it.  I want to leave the country.  I am disillusioned in my home country.  I live in the United States, but I don’t like it.
“But dude, where have you lived?”
I’ve lived in Texas and Georgia.  However, I’ve been through a number of different other states and I can’t say I have found one better than Texas.  And?  Texas is a big state.  There are mountains, trees, plains, desert, tropical climate, vegetative climate, and cold climates.  There is the Hispanic/Chicano culture, the farmer culture, the cowboy culture, the businessman culture, the hoity-toity I have too much money culture, the poor culture, the white trash culture, the African-American culture, the being successful culture, the I deserve a handout from everyone else because I don’t have to do a damn thing culture…
I’m bored.  I’m apathetic.  I think thanks to a few well-placed people, things are just screwed up.

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