What To Do, What To Do

So, I knew I was starting computers with my classes today.  I just struggled with the idea as to how.
The word never entered my mind until now, but the idea entered my head at last second.  Differentiation.  I decided to use the ideas that are being pushed of have students teach students.  There are certain parts of computers that they need to know about.  But some are more important than others.  So the things that in my head are secondary knowledge, I’ve set the students to creating presentaitons about today.  They are all broken up in groups, with each group responsible for either the hard drive, optical drive, RAM, motherboard, or processor.  I’m making them create a Power Point presentation with at least one slide per person to show to the class on Monday.  Then Tuesday, I’ll talk to them about the Ethernet connection and IP addresses.  This is really some vital information that I’m not sure these kids realize yet.
I’m still feeling very crappy today.  I’m wondering if it isn’t something that’s going around.  Every teacher I’ve talked to seems to have a similar story to me.  That, or everyone I’ve talked to is experiencing burnout.

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