Deep In The Heart

So, The Boss and I have been watching Ace of Cakes together.  Recently, Duff decided to off and go on a working road trip.  He made several stops through the country’s interior while making cakes.  Here was a slightly screwy thing though.
I saw on the news back in the summer that Duff and his crew showed up in Muleshoe.  They made a cake for the opening of the police department’s new headquarters.
So we’re watching the episode, and I see the scene from the news.  Then Duff said “I see this all the time in the movies and wondered if it really works.
“The stars at night
Are big and bright…”
Of course, everyone clapped and finished that line of the verse.  It made Duff so happy.  Then we get to the end of the show and I see this…
IMG_0781.JPG (800x598 pixels)
They had to credit the song.  The only other place I’ve seen that used is in the movie “Head of State.”  I just now checked the credits on the movie and they had to credit the song, too.
It surprised me.  I didn’t realize they had to credit a song for a seven second clip.
But more than anything else, Duff was way too happy that it actually worked.  I guess those of us in Texas are just used to the fact it happens.

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