Deep In The Heart

So, The Boss and I have been watching Ace of Cakes together.  Recently, Duff decided to off and go on a working road trip.  He made several stops through the country’s interior while making cakes.  Here was a slightly screwy thing though.   I saw … Continue readingDeep In The Heart

Football Game Observations

During last night’s football game, I was taking note of different things.  I decided to start posting these to my Tumblr account.  Now I will combine them all in to one post, with a few additional bits.   #1 When I hear the “Hey Song” … Continue readingFootball Game Observations

What To Do, What To Do

So, I knew I was starting computers with my classes today.  I just struggled with the idea as to how.   The word never entered my mind until now, but the idea entered my head at last second.  Differentiation.  I decided to use the ideas … Continue readingWhat To Do, What To Do