We’re in for another two years of the debate.  The Republicans now control the House of Representatives.  The incoming Speaker has already declared that war.  Damnit.  I used to like politics.  Now I hate it.  It’s all because of shit like this.
But it does have something to do with my story.
I read several weeks ago about updated life expectancies in different countries around the world.  The United States has fallen down the list.  They are now at number 38.  What’s the halmark of all the countries above the United States?  Socialized medicine.
“But wait a minute… It sounds like you are talking down on Obamacare, but then presented evidence that it could be good for the United States.”
Wrong, I didn’t do that.  There’s a big difference.  Obamacare has provisions that focus on the money.  We’ve got doctors that are saying they will leave the industry if the focus is put on money and not on patient care.
Socialized medicine, on the other hand, allows doctors to focus on their patients.  It just assures that doctors will never be the best in the world because they have nothing to work towards with the government controlling how much money they make.  But there is a plus about socialized medicine.  It’s the plus that allows these countries to have a higher life expectancy than in the Unites States.
Socialized medicine creates a continuity of service.  It makes it easier for a doctor to find out what’s going on with you.  Healthcare in these countries is always followed through on.
Why am I on this soapbox?  Because I’ve lived this story over the past year.
Starting in mid-January, I had a flair up of pain on the left hand side of my body.  It lasted for several weeks.  The main thing it did to me besides the pain itself was cause me to be very tired.  It finally went away, but not before it wreaked havoc on my lifestyle.
I went to my original general practice physician first, back in my hometown (100 miles away).  I went to him because I thought it could be related to a pinched nerve he diagnosed me with after a car wreck back in high school.  He took x-rays again and said it looked like there was some inflamation in my neck.  So I got sent for an MRI.  They put me with a pain management doctor after the MRI.  He did two separate surgical injections on my neck.  Nothing.  I went to a spinal reconstruction specialist next.  He sent me to a neurologist.  That guy did the most thorough workup of all on me, with nerve conduction studies, an MRI, and some blood tests.  I spoke to an ER doctor about it when I had a migraine one night so bad I had to go in.  I spoke to the D.O. here in town that I see.  That guy tried low dose oral steroids first, then blood pressure meds next.  He finally said I needed to go to a rheumatologist since that was the only possible person left.  I was feeling fine at that point and was not interested in going to yet another doctor for yet more bullshit and runaround.  Well, when it flaired up on me again, I decided to go see a doctor in my hometown that I knew and who was also familiar with my family history.  He did a blood test on me and BAM!  I have a high rheumatoid factor.  Now I actually have a reason to go to a rheumatologist.
The rheumatologist will make eight…count that…EIGHT freakin’ doctors I’ve been to.  And I’m in the process of a two month wait from the last doctor to this one.
I’m sorry, but I’m thinking that if continuity of care was so much better in these other countries that maybe, just maybe if I were in one of them that this would have already been taken care of.

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