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As an educator, I think it bugs me even more when someone uses bad grammar than before.  This includes all the time I spent as a journalist.  Why?  It’s because I’m around students all day that make abhorrid combinations of words that make me cringe.  Well, I was watching pro wrestling last night (a guilty pleasure of mine), and I cringed.  Mike “The Miz” Mizanin earned the WWE Championship last week by cashing in his Money In The Bank contract against Randy Orton.  I personally think his work has earned this run.  Whether it is long term or short term, we shall see.  However, he took a step back this week.
The Miz popped off with a double negative during his promo last night on Raw.
Why is that a big deal?  Well, there are plenty of stereotypes to deal with on this issue.  A man growing up on the streets in what some people would call a “ghetto” would have exposure to a dialect of the English language referred to as Ebonics.  Most people will expect that man to speak in a certain fashion and will be surprised if he speaks any other way.  A foreign-born man, especially 1st or 2nd generation after immigrating to an English-speaking society, will speak in a certain way that is influenced by his native language.  On the other hand, The Miz has established himself as a well-spoken man with a master of the English language.
So a double negative coming out of the mouth of The Miz is a startling issue, especially when he does it twice in a span of 5 minutes.  In my eyes, he just lost a little bit of credability.
I made a comment on Twitter about this last night while watching Raw. Highheeledprof retweeted the tweet with an additional comment of “Grammar counts in any job!”  She’s right.  By the way, follow her if you’re on Twitter.  She’s a smart cookie.

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