In Which The Water In The Washing Machine Became The Water In My Office

Ok, so we’re stretching reality again right now. Is it January 2nd? No. It’s the 3rd. However, due to the events in which I chronicle here, I’m only just now thinking about blogging for today.

During a lazy, late Sunday morning, The Boss and I were watching this documentary on her DVR about the battle of the will of Hank Williams. No, not the guy whose rowdy friends are ready for some football every Monday night. Talking about his daddy. It actually was a pretty interesting story.

Well, The Boss had started a load of clothes in the washer. At one point while we were watching this show, I hear a loud sound coming from the kitchen sink as the washer goes in to its drain cycle. In hindsight, the sound was louder than “normal,” whatever that may be.

The Boss gets up a few minutes later to go add fabric softener to the load, and I start hearing expletives coming from the laundry room.

When the expletives continued, I got up to go see what was happening. Turns out what happened is for whatever reason the hose used for draining came loose and started spilling out. With my office being next to the washroom, and the back corner of my office being the lowest part of the floor, you can guess where the water pooled. Good thing is that 90% of the stuff destroyed was no big deal. But grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

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