In Which I’m Prepared to be Unprepared

So, the second semester starts up tomorrow. I have students back. One class changes. The rest don’t.

Today was a work day. It was an easy day. I didn’t have much to do because a lot of what we’re going to get going with is redux material. Don’t get me wrong though. They need it. Watch something go down that I’m totally unprepared for. I teach in junior high. It will happen.

On the other hand, today marked the passing of two people close to people I know. I was not prepared for this. However, I was not so close to either person it hit me really hard. What I hate though is that one of them was a teacher in a neighboring town. We had that happen around here last year where one of our teachers passed away during a vacation break. It hit the students really hard.

I caught up on wrestling tonight. I’m loving how CM Punk has taken over The Nexus. It is really some classic diabolical heel work that I’ve been seeing. Then on top of that, Michael Cole is now becoming the heel version of Jim Ross with how he called that championship match tonight. I dare you to go back and listen to his call and that match and compare it to any Stone Cold match that JR called. You’ll see.

I’m saving my bigger topics for the weekend right now until I get into my swing of things with blogging every day (just like my resolution I made).

Speaking of, I think it is a really good exercise for students to make resolutions for the new year, and we’re going to do those this week. Stay tuned to see how that goes.

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