In Which I Cry “Uncle”

Today was such a crappy day for me. I haven’t been feeling good all day. So I came home and ended up falling asleep and missing jiu-jitsu tonight.

I’m not even trying to put any speed on this at school whatsoever. I’m pushing a little bit with my wiser bunch in one particular class, but that’s it. I’m finding some things aren’t really worth it for me.

Why am I having troubles? Because I’m trying to do my job, and have several people stopping me from doing it how it should be done. That doesn’t set well with me. But I don’t have the energy to fight it.

In other news, I just noticed I got a semi-big link into this blog. It was due to my mention of National Whipped Cream Day. Hopefully that will lead a few more eyes to my writing. I’ll try to get more in the spirit of things with my writing this weekend just in case. Big ups to the Huffington Post!

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