In Which I Walk Through Flamboyant Crowds

I’m reaching back to this past summer for my blog post today since there is nothing of note to talk about today.
For The Boss’ and my anniversary, I booked a trip to Chicago.  That was one of those places we had talked about going to.  Also, a good friend, former colleague, and groomsman from our wedding lived there.  A lot of things on this trip happened by accident.  Our experience in this particular instance was one of those.
My friend…let’s call him Mafia (I’ll explain that at some point later)…suggested that while we were in Chicago that we go down and see the annual gay pride parade.  His comment was that even though we may not agree with the lifestyle, it is still a spectacle to see.  I know The Boss and I both were thinking that we were going to pass.  The day of the parade however, we were walking around downtown, and we walked by WLS and saw on their tote board on the outside of the building that they would be airing the parade later that night.  So we decided we would watch that back at the hotel.
In the mean time, I had booked tickets to see Blue Man Group.  We asked two or three different people what would be the best way to get there as we consulted the L-train map.  Finally we had our route.  At this point, I forget which line we took.  I just remember it was one that wass more of an “express” train because it followed practically the same route as another line, but had fewer stops.
At the stop we needed to exit, we left the train and seemed to be down in the ‘hood.  I don’t know if we saw potential criminals or well-meaning people, but you get the idea due to the snap judgement The Boss and I both made.  However, as we exited the station…well, let’s just say we weren’t “in Kansas anymore.”
Little did The Boss and I know, the Blue Man Group theatre was located right on the route of the day’s gay pride parade.  The parade appeared to have been over for at least around an hour.  However, the crowds were having a gay old time (pun intended).  We saw plenty of queens.  We saw several lesbians with their breasts hanging out and temporary (probably henna) tattoo artwork done aroud the nipple.  I don’t know if exposure like that is legal in Chicago, but it would have been enough “covering up”  to be legal in Sturgis.
The two most “straight” things I saw during this stroll was 1) a guy staring through a window at a girl inside a bar with a thong on pressing her butt up against the window pane; and, 2) another guy walking down the street with his shirt up, but written on his back was “Stay away from me!  I’m not a fag!”  I don’t know if people were “hitting on” other people out on the streets, but if they were, I guess I was protected from such things since I was holding hands and walking with The Boss.
After the show as we walked back to the train station, I actually saw the tattoo guy with breast in hand working on a new piece of art.  Also, four girls we passed by less than a block from the theatre saw The Boss holding her water bottle she had gotten before the show.  They all the sudden rushed up and asked if they could have her water.  The Boss gave them the water bottle and said “as long as you don’t throw it on me.”  There was no incident there.
The Boss said later had she been feeling a little better, she would have liked to hang around longer and people-watch.  Me, I’m ok with gay people, I’m just slightly uncomfortable around the ones who decide to be flamboyant.

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