In Which I Pontificate On Who Should Replace Bubba

I’ve always loved the word “pontificate.”  It has an aura of someone who is intelligent and knowledgeable.  I also understand it has a negative connotation meaning someone who is full of themselves and of hot air who comes across as a know-it-all.  But do I care?  No.  There are many people who think badly of persons who pontificate because they don’t have the intelligence to pontificate.  So there!
Now, on to my topic…
Bubba The Love Sponge signed a contract with Sirius Satellite Radio at the same time Howard Stern did.  The move was off of terrestrial radio and the airwaves controlled by the FCC.  Every time I had ever read about Bubba, I thought he was just a wrestling mark who used the fact that he knew Hulk Hogan to spread his fame.  Over the past six months since I’ve been listening to Sirius, I found out that Bubba is a seriously talented radio personality who is a wrestling mark and helps spread his fame thanks to Hulk Hogan.  When the end of 2010 rolled around, Howard received a contract extension.  Bubba did not.
First off, Bubba was broadcasting on Howard 101.  Howard has explained the details of his contract before.  His contract covers all the money he needs to pay staff to program up to three channels on Sirius.  Anything that he doesn’t spend, he keeps as his own money.  So why was Bubba on Howard 101 but not on Howard’s payroll?  Maybe it is because Howard refused to give up a million dollars a year to a wrestling mark.
So why isn’t Sirius paying to replace that slot on Howard 101?  Instead, it is Howard’s search to hold and his position to pay for.  Maybe he needs to get Jay Thomas, who does a live show Friday mornings on Howard 101 opposite the Howard “Best Of The Week” broadcast.  I remember when Jay was a guest on Howard’s show a month or two ago.  The way they talked about Jay’s career is that if Howard Stern never took off, Jay Thomas would have been the person to fill that void.  Why not plug him in there in the afternoons?  I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be a whiny bitch like Bubba was about the money.
FYI Bubba, if Sirius dropped your salary offer from a million to only $200k, that’s because you didn’t a million dollars of value to Sirius.  Get over yourself.  If you play your cards right, you are THE man who will fill Howard’s spot once he leaves the business.
Now on to Howard’s search.  Is he really considering any of his wack-pack crew for the spot?  I mean, seriously, Eric the midget?  He is not smooth on the radio at all.  He has anger issues.  Why in the world would you use him?  So far, that’s the only name that Howard has thrown around.  I do realize Howard does things to get attention on his show.  I’m hoping that means Eric the midget is not anywhere near being in contention, and Howard is actually being the good businessman I know he is.
Do I really have any names to throw into the pot right now?  Not really.  I was never a big radio listener, so I can’t give you any names that should be in contention, except for Jay Thomas.  Only time will tell I guess.

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