After today’s NFL conference championship games, I’ve finally seen a Super Bowl matchup that grabs my interest.  The Steelers and the Packers will be facing off for the very first time for the championship.  There is a lot of significance in this game.
First of all, these are teams from blue collar towns.  This is huge.  This Super Bowl stands for the working man.  I don’t think any team in the NFL has such the rabid fan following as the Packers and the Steelers.  No matter who wins, rabid fans will have something to cheer about after this game.
The other interesting thing about this game is that it has the same makings you normally see in a presidential election.  Remember Ross Perot?  Anytime there has been a third candidate for president running, they eventually withdraw because they’ve seen that there is no winning for them.  So the popular, but not good enough candidate’s supporters have to throw their support behind one of the two guys remaining.
So, the Cowboys?  Jerry Jones’ number one goal this year was to have his team in the Super Bowl since it was taking place in his newly constructed JerryWorld.  The Cowboys supposedly have the biggest following of all the NFL teams.  But they sucked this year.  So their fans have to throw their support behind one of the other two teams.  Who?  The Steelers?  No.  The Steelers tie the Cowboys this year for number of appearances in the Super Bowl.  The Steelers already have one more Super Bowl win than the Cowboys.  They don’t want the Steelers to pull further ahead.  The Steelers were also the Cowboys’ nemisis during the 70’s.
So, the Cowboys’ fans are supporting the Packers.

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