In Which Someone Wants To Put A Hole In My Head

So, today was supposed to be a comp day at school.  Those of us who participated in an activity back last summer earned the day.  Everyone else who didn’t was supposed to be at school today for a professional development day.  Well, I guess our administration just wasn’t on the ball because it appears that a professional development scheduled and EVERYONE was given a day off, regardless of whether they earned it or not.  So why did I attend that thing last summer again?
Well, one way or the other, I scheduled my semi-annual dentist visit on this day so I didn’t have to use personal days.  I apparently have cavities.  How many?  I don’t know.  They haven’t really told me.  This is a touchy subject though.  I’ve got bad issues with dentists, going back to when I was a child.
As a kid, I was told I had too many teeth for the space I was going to have in my mouth.  To this day I have no idea how it could be predicted how big my mouth would actually be, but in retrospect, they got it right.  However, this meant not only pulling my baby teeth, but also pulling permanent teeth as they came in.  Can we say “painful”?!?  I already was detesting the fact that when they went to pull my teeth they used what looked like a medeval torture device with the needle the size of a sabre to shove up in my gums.  This particular day, they did it three or four times.  I was already in discomfort, mildly speaking.  What followed up was pure agony.  They proceeded to pull, if I remember correctly, seven different teeth.  The kicker is that I don’t thing the stuff they shot into my head had taken effect yet.  I felt every tug and pull on perfectly intact nerves.
Sounds like I was making a lot of noise, right?
I was making so much noise that the receptionist came back to the room I was in and told the adults they needed to calm me down because I was scaring the kids in the wiating area.
Keep in mind I was only about 10 years old at this time.  I was a kid myself.  All I knew is that it hurt.
After everything was over, my mother took me to McDonald’s for my usual post-dentist milkshake.  Everything was fine while we were there.  That is until I took the cap off to drink the part out of the cup that I couldn’t slurp out with the straw.  Next thing I know, my mother and my sister were getting a good chuckle at my expense.  Why?  Because I didn’t realize I had milkshake running down my chin.  The local anesthetic they had shot in my mouth had finally taken effect, and my entire lower jaw was numb.  I was not amused.
Back to today’s dentist visit… They have an option of taking some kind of pill before you go in they will knock you loopy.  Then they will use the gas on you to knock you extra loopy.  This is the non-needle option.  The Boss had been opposed to it.  But today, she finally told me if that’s the only way I’ll get whatever cavities I have filled, then fine, go ahead and do it.  Now just to figure out when is actually a good day.

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