In Which I Speculate About Vince McMahon’s Mind

It’s the BIGGEST ever.  I just heard last night on Raw that the upcoming Royal Rumble is supposed to have 40 men (well, participants…as last year’s Rumble showed us).  A lot of things went through my head about the 40 men.
1) Are they going to have two rings?  20 men barely fit in their ring right now.  That’s not to mention I don’t know what the weight restrictions are in their ring.  If there are going to be 40 people in this match, make sure and have the space.  Plus, the high-flyers would really enjoy this chance to do things that much more creative.  I know they did when WCW had WarGames.
2) How many special entries are we going to see now?  WWE has the habit as of late to pull out those surprise special entries that add to the “anything can happen factor” which sometimes leads to increased viewership.
3) Why in the hell does Vince McMahon always feel the need to top himself?  Sure, I realize that he has a vurtual monopoly on the business of professional wrestling.  Before, when he had a real competitor (sorry TNA, but you’re still second-rate until you get your act together), he had someone that he needed to top.  When Vince bested WCW, he took away viewers.  Now Vince thinks he has to best himself.  But the problem is that Vince doesn’t have another pro wrestling company to take viewers away from.  The viewers he is trying to reach have left wrestling all together when he does that.  This 40 men in the Rumble gimmick belongs in the Attitude Era.
4) I think Vince is just trying to recreate the same set of events that led to his initial surge of power.  Hate to tell you Vince, but the only way is to sell WCW back to Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff; AND start a new independent wrestling group in Philadelphia, then hand over the reigns to Paul Heyman and only feed money to him, not ideas.
It’s official.  I think Vince is finally starting to become senile.

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