In Which I Ponder The Day’s Events

So nothing massively big going on today.  However, there are certain bits of news that I shall pay attention to.
Atlanta Public Schools.  Boy, are they in some trouble.  I’ve heard all about what happens when you don’t do your job right with the students.  I’ve been lectured not only about state, but also federal accountability rules.  The death penalty, so to speak?  The Texas Education Agency comes in and takes over the school from the current administration.  They make everyone go through the hiring process again, and you’re lucky if they ever let the iron grip on your balls loose, not to mention actually let it go.  Of the schools in Texas that I know of reaching that point, the state education agency is still running those schools, or they’ve closed them down.  Why is this big for Atlanta?  I don’t know what Georgia does compared to Texas, but when I read today that Atlanta Public Schools (the district) was in danger of loosing their accreditation, that seemed much bigger.  Accreditation agencies are the groups that give the authority to schools to actually have some credibility.  I’m not sure about public schools, but in higher education an accreditation agency gives universities the power to confer degrees upon people.  Without that accreditation, a degree from that school is worth less than the piece of paper it is printed on.
So, another thing I picked up on Twitter today was the fact that Regis Philbin is retiring.  I would say that was unexpected, however I remember hearing on Howard Stern several days ago that the producers of “Live” were looking for someone to be a special guest host of the show along with Kelly Ripa this summer.  Turns out Regis’ retirement was announced to begin this summer.  Funny how some news proceeds the other.
Speaing of Howard Stern, another thing he mentioned today is that he wishes he still had Bubba The Love Sponge on Howard 101.  This is a public flip from moving on trying to find Bubba’s replacement.  It still irks me that he’s giving Eric The Midget public consideration for the job.  Heck, I don’t know why Regis is retiring, but maybe Howard can convince Regis to come and take the spot on 101.  Regis would make a heck of a character.  Or even better…go convince Bubba to take the Sirius offer originally given to him…or make your own offer to Bubba since part of the money Sirius pays you is to hire talent for your channels.

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