In Which I’m Neck-Deep In Taxes

Tax season is upon us.  Don’t be fooled by what your local newscasters say.  Tax season starts January 1st and doesn’t end until you file your taxes, even if you don’t have your official return filed until October thanks to many filed extensions.  I am thankful for a very big thing.  Accountants at all sorts of organizations have gotten quick with their tax documents, so I can file taxes sooner.
The Boss started to file our taxes today since we both had our W-2 forms.  She didn’t realize though that we were waiting on a few other forms.  When you attend an institute of higher learning, have savings, get a refund from a previous job’s retirement account, and have individual independent retirement accounts that you have several tax forms to wait on.
I started running several of my students on how to file their taxes as of today.  The state requires that I teach them how to fill out a 1040EZ form.  Not too bad.  If only all of the IRS forms could be like this.

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