In Which I Wonder If The British Suffer From Desert Envy

Another slow day in stuff going on, so reaching back to Vegas, baby!
No, not Las Vegas, New Mexico.  That’s a small town nestled in a valley that doesn’t really have much of anything special going on.  We’re reaching back to Sin City!  Las Vegas, Nevada!  Home of the Rat Pack!
While The Boss and I were in Vegas, there was one thing I kept on noticing.  There was a peculiar thing about the people in Vegas that spoke English but didn’t have on a work uniform.  A majority of them seem to be from Britain, or British-influenced countries.
What’s the deal?  Why are they all here?  Do the British suffer from desert envy?
Alright, to be fair, if they’re from Australia, they’ve got plenty of desert once you get away from the coastal areas.
But England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and New Zealand all are without desert.
I don’t know…maybe just speculation, but there certainly were a lot there not from the states.

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