In Which We Play The Blues

Ok, so I’ve been sitting in with the jazz band at the high school here in town.  It’s nothing formal right now.  They don’t meet during the day.  It’s an entirely after school, voluntary type thing.
“So why do they even bother to come?”
Heck if I know.  As I look around the room, some of these kids that I already know are ones that strike as the type who were coerced in to coming but wouldn’t have been there if it had just been up to themselves.
Today, the head director decided he wanted to teach everyone about how to improv.  For those of you not “hip” to certain lingo, to improv is to make up music on the spot.  In jazz, improv (or improvisation) is what is done during an open solo section.  There are sets of chord changes that the soloist makes up notes on the fly to match.  So, the head director…let’s just call him Head…decided to teach everyone about improv using the blues.
It’s actually reallly interesting using the blues scales.  All of the notes in a blues scale work with any of the chords in a blues progression.  It really is an easy way to learn improv to start out with.  I guess my thoughts exceeded the abilities of the players, because all they did was play the blues scale like they would any other scale.  Did the notes match up?  Yes.  It just works that way.  Amazingly enough, Head just rolled with it (no pun intended).
It just amazed me how much he seemed oblivious to what was going on around him.  I knew from stories that The Boss has told me that there would be issues.  I also know from stories The Boss has told me about Head how he deals with things.  But while sometimes her stories may seem overexagerated to me, in this case, they were underexagerated.  I never doubted what she told me.  I just never realized it was that bad

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