In Which The Entertainment Continues

Another down day as far as topics, so I’m bringing you another Vegas story…
It’s pretty easy to realize that besides gambling, Las Vegas is home to entertainment.  It is the entertainment Mecca second only to Los Angeles and New York City.  But when you look at a map of Las Vegas, you realize that if you ever get off the strip, you probably walk right out of that entertainment (unless you head to the few casinos downtown).  So what would one expect when waiting in the TSA line at McCarran International Airport?  I figured it would just be the same line.
But that wasn’t the case.  The people of Las Vegas see fit to entertain you even as you are preparing to leave their city.  They hit up some of the biggest acts on the strip to shoot promos on what is and isn’t acceptable going through the security line.
I loved the idea.  I actually found myself watching those videos over and over again because they were entertaining.  Every other airport with every other plain jane announcement has long since been blocked out in my mind.  Kudos to the TSA outfit in Las Vegas.  Or the airport board.  I don’t really think that the TSA would have been creative enough to come up with those things.

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